POLINA MIRCHEVA® is a women’s fashion brand created by Polina and Julia Mircheva. The two designers established the business in Moscow back in 2014. They chose the challenging pathway to be extraordinary and differentiate themselves from the rest of the fashion community. This is how two remarkable product lines came into being – URBAN VOGUE & PUNK COUTURE. Designers’ art studio in Moscow downtown is the beating heart of the business, where pieces of art and fashion are born. It is a hard, multi-stage process to create unforgettable, irresistible, beautiful, and comfortable women’s clothing, and Polina and Julia are there, hands-on every single stage, creating, challenging, demanding, controlling, restless and anxious to see how a small new piece of perfection has just been produced as per their design. Professional dressmakers with many years of experience are in charge of the manufacturing cycle which is closely monitored by the Designers.


URBAN VOGUE — casual clothing for everyday life in the big city – colourful, avant–garde, with numerous ornaments and daring colour combinations.

PUNK COUTURE — a product line specially designed for social and festive events. Ballet is the source of major inspiration for Polina. As a true descendant of the great ballet impresario and artistic innovator Mr. Serge Diaghilev, Polina reevaluates the ancient silhouettes of the feminine ballet costumes and offers unexpected, contemporary solutions. Feminine lines and abundance of flower motifs overlap audaciously with spirit of freedom, rebellion and punk culture – you may say «Les Ballet Russes» by Polina Mircheva®, version 2.0 .

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