Dear Customers,


We value our reputation and your satisfaction with our goods and services is our highest priority. At the same time, we understand that there may be circumstances when you would like to exchange the goods that you have bought from us for something more suitable from our collection or return the goods to us and get a refund.

Return/refund or exchange of goods that have been purchased from us is possible in line with the requirements of the Russian Federation Law №2300-1, dated 7th February 1992 (with latest amendments made on 5th Dec. 2022) «About protection of consumers’ rights». We shall apply maximum efforts to make this operation as convenient as practically possible.

You can exchange the goods that you have bought from us or apply for a refund in case you have come to the conclusion that they are not suitable for you in terms of design, shape, style, size or colour.

It is your undeniable right to apply for an exchange or refund within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of purchase. Certain standard conditions shall apply:


  • The specified product has not been in use,
  • Its original look and consumer properties are intact,
  • Our branded tags and labels on the product are intact,
  • A sales receipt or a cash receipt, or another document confirming payment for the specified product has been saved and presented to us.



If you have decided to apply for an exchange or return/refund, you should notify us by email:  


Your application should contain the following mandatory information:


  1. Full name as it appears in your national passport;
  2. Your mobile phone number in full international format which includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number;
  3. Your unique purchase order number;
  4. Correct description of the item you would like to exchange or return, including name and article number as per our codification system;
  5. State a reason for your decision.


Our administrator in charge will contact you to confirm the procedure within 24 hours after you send your application by email.

Once you receive our procedure acknowledgement by return email or by phone:


  • If you have purchased the item(s) in Moscow the administrator will clarify with you the most suitable way to send back to us the goods in question;
  • If you are located in another town and have received the goods by courier, you should send back the goods in question to our showroom:


Russian Federation, 123001, Moscow, 3/8, Sadovaya street, office №20.

Please, pay attention that in this case the return delivery is at your expense and is not refundable.

Upon arrival of the return delivery to our office, the item(s) will be examined for compliance with your application and with the standard requirements specified above within one workday.

You will receive an immediate notification about the results of the examination procedure and about our readiness to proceed with the exchange or return/refund.

If you apply for a return/refund and the goods in question comply with the standard requirements we shall transfer the money to your bank account indicated in your application letter (email) within 3 (three) workdays from our positive notification.

Despite our maniac obsession with quality of our goods and all associated controlling procedures, just in case you receive an item which has manufacturing defects or is made of materials which have fabric imperfections, please, do not hesitate to contact us immediately by same email address

It is required that you provide similar mandatory information as indicated above. Please, attach all relevant evidence including but not limited to photographs, acts of independent and recognized quality expertise, etc. All your quality claims raised and received by us within fourteen days from the date your purchase will be duly studied and followed by our immediate reaction. The procedure of recognition and satisfaction of your claims will remain the same as described earlier above.


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