Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


It is our pleasure to greet you and encourage you to start doing business with us.

If you value quality, real good taste and lifestyle which is in harmony with our creative work, if you:


  • Have net retail space of no less than 60 sq.m ;
  • Have an average retail purchase receipt for the last four weeks exceeding the equivalent of 270 USD;
  • Have average daily sales per square meter exceeding 15 USD;
  • Have richly illuminated, comfortable retail space furnished with modern retail equipment for sales of premium women’s apparel;
  • Have open, amiable, professional and proactive sales personnel;
  • Yourself are open, responsible, committed to building up a long-term commercial proactive cooperation, and also ready to share information for the sake of mutual business growth,

then it is definitely worth knowing each other closer.


We are interested in loyal and trustworthy long-term partnership and in expansion of our business not only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but also throughout Russia and abroad. We are flexible and if you and us, we both are on the same wavelength, we shall always find a compromise for the sake of the business.


Our experience and competencies allow us to export whatever we create no matter on which continent your facility is.

Please, do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Director, Mr. Miron Mirchev, in order to ask questions and/or establish a new business relationship.


Contact information: mircho.mirchev@ersimpex.com ,

WhatsApp +7 916 161-66-35


Not a single inquiry of yours will be left without our due attention and response.

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